When I was around 16 years young, I started my own teeny tiny photography business called Roses + Things Photography. From styling themed shoots with my friends, to taking my first round of senior pictures that summer, I continued to fall deeper and deeper in love with the art of film and photography. (And deeper in love with light, for that matter). Now, my photography is integrated as a part of the Allegra Rose Design Company.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with companies + lovely souls all over the United States, capturing moments that encompass the essence of each business or person.

From fashion, to lifestyle, to love + adventure, I have come to embrace the powerful nature of the moment. There are the obvious milestones we find along the trails of our lives: our birth, falling in love, achievements and experiences. 

While all these things are beautiful and entirely special and true, the everyday moment shines with a brilliant simplicity which I am completely and utterly inspired by in the deepest parts of my soul.

For these moments are the moments we truly live. The sweat, the tears, the grit and laughter of our days. They experience a well-made coffee, surprise breakfasts-in-bed. They bring home flowers just because, and they lay with us in fields of wildflowers, and under blankets of stars.

These moments are the times of our lives.