"Beat the drum, sing off-key
You set me free, you set me free."

While wanderin' around Arizona, we stumbled upon Arcosanti on our way to the Grand Canyon. I found out about this magical architectural phenomenon a few months before my travels, and was enthralled by its design, history and story (likewise to those of old souls, and new friends.) 

This experimental town of concrete and bronze, was designed by an Italian-American architect named Paolo Soleri, back in 1970. He was passionate about improving the idea of what it meant to live in an "urban" community, and created a sustainable city that utilized alternative energy sources, to decrease negative impacts on the earth. 

They sell whimsical bronze wind bells, and have large round windows to let in maximum light, and provide an internal relationship between the inside of the habitat, and the desert herself. They also host art events and festivals throughout the year.

"It originally derives from a combination of “Arcology” + “Cosanti,” which are in turn derived from “Architecture” + “Ecology” and “Cosa” + “Anti.” The latter neologism is Italian for “against things” or “before form,” which has to do with both Paolo’s anti-materialist philosophy..."

Read more about this rad structure here.

Take a gander on below, and see the majesty of Arcosanti.


Take a load off sometime, gentle soul.