Today marks the completion of WEEK 1 of my second year at university. My art supplies are taking over my room, along with unreasonable amounts of twinkly lights & sparkly things. I am settling in, and currently having a strange moment: a time to breathe. I look fondly upon the many adventures of my freshman year: the good, the bad, and the interesting conversations held at 3am, while projects were being finished & minds were full of innovation. (Or possibly it was just caffeine.) And it was all completely, insanely spectacular. 

As I look forward to a year of four art studio classes, I realize that I will be rising long before the sun is up, and falling asleep long after the moon has begun to dance in the indigo sky. My body does not thank me for these things I put it through. Yet, just as the soul must sing, and the heart must love, and the mind must think, the body must rest, and be taken care of. 

Art of Organics is a company dedicated to supplying people with the highest quality beauty + body products. Similar to the way I create designs and express myself through my work, Art of Organics seeks to show people that taking care of your body is an art as well. Art, beauty, and wellness were all created to be one with each other, not separate. And just like my art, I take my health very seriously. Put good in, & get good out.

I am very busy, (in a very good way). These boxes are delivered straight to your door, for a monthly subscription, making it absolutely perfect for college students such as myself. Not only are these products composed of the purest & finest ingredients, they are perfect for the organic-dreamer who is on the go (Nomad style). It’s a beautiful thing to see that Art of Organics is invested in curating a collection of art for the body & soul.

Let's take a peek inside!

The first product I picked out of the box was a Bio Active Under Eye Cream by Ayelet, made with Zinc & Caffeine, along with all-organic, non-gmo ingredients. (Yay!) I will definitely be using this incredible product, as I pry myself out from underneath my knit blankets & warm sheets on these brisk, autumn, Minnesotan mornings. When it comes to dark circles, makeup just doesn’t cut it. With the power duo of a good (or somewhat good) night’s rest & this Bio Active Cream, I am looking forward to bright mornings, without the tracks of a dark under-eye.

When I first glanced at this sapphire bottle, I was surprised to see that the only ingredient was Oxygen! This Oxygen Facial Spray by Princess Karen zu Hohenlohe Langenburg is pure beauty in the truest sense. I learned that Oxygen naturally acts as a toner, & has the ability to regenerate skin. With a few spritzes of this product (or technically speaking, this naturally occurring goodness), mornings will be refreshing & pure.

All I saw was "Dry Shampoo” when a smile was brought my face. Days + Nights is a brand that understands roots & really busy women. The back of the bottle reads, 

“ …This hair powder will add volume and texture to achieve the most perfect bed head imaginable and let you hit the snooze button a few more times.” 

Needless to say, I was completely sold. (And with Bergamot essential oil? These people know me too well.)

Japanese Beauty Papers, such as these gorgeous ones by Tatcha, have been a beauty phenomenon for centuries. These beautiful, hand-made, gold-flecked papers remove excess oil from the skin, for a refreshed complexion. They will not ruin your makeup, making them the perfect purse essential, for use throughout the day.

Per usual, I am essentially obsessed with all things tea. I actually learned about the external benefits of tea bags from my mother, who would give me warm, damp green tea bags, to rub on my skin, to soothe breakouts & rashes. In a similar way, these Eyeteas Herbal Tea Bags for the Eyes by Jane Inc are meant to rejuvenate and renew eyes. This pack came with eight tea bags meant for a variety of uses, as shown on the back of the box: Elder & Eyebright, Calendula, Rose, Blackberry, Chamomile, and Fennel.


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Stay bright & stay classy, dreamers!

- A