There’s nothing quite like cozying up at a cabin in the woods, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in your favorite camp mug. A few friends and I ventured out to Lake Arrowhead, California for a few days in the mountains. On our first morning at the cabin, we woke up to the sunrise and made paleo banana pancakes for breakfast, along with organic Peet’s Coffee! We brought Yosemite Dos Sierras, a blend with chocolatey and nutty flavor notes. This Peet’s Organic blend is also Rainforest-Alliance certified. Peet’s has ethical initiatives to support communities and the environment where their coffees are grown. This particular blend comes from Finca La Cabaña, which is a sustainable estate on the southwestern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia. This place is renowned for its biodiversity and natural coffee production.


Peet’s has direct relationships with many coffee farmers, to better understand the social, environmental, and economic conditions on farms. As an advocate of the planet, I think it’s so important to understand where the things we consume come from: whether that’s clothing, food, products, or coffee -- so that we may know better the impact we leave through the things that we purchase. Making mindful decisions about what I consume brings me so much joy, especially when brands like Peet’s go an extra step in providing consumers with important sustainability, environmental, and ethical information to consult when considering their coffees!


Be sure to take Peet’s Organic Coffee on your next adventure or incorporate it into your brewing options at home. Click here to see where you can purchase it for yourself.


I’m so excited to be partnering with Peet’s Organic Coffee on this post, and as always, all opinions are my own. P.S. this coffee is truly delicious!