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This past semester, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and had the amazing opportunity to travel around Europe with Bus2alps! Truly had the most magical adventures thanks to their incredible student travel program. They took me to visit 6 new countries and over 10 different cities! Here's a little recap of my trips with them last semester.

BUDAPEST cover.jpg

My first trip with Bus2alps was to Budapest, Hungary back in March. We enjoyed warm apple fritters and fresh coffee in the cutest coffee shops like Konyha, and spent the day soaking up the sun on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, and exploring Fisherman's Bastion, which overlooks the whole city.

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Next, we took the scenic route through the mountains and drove from Budapest to Salzburg, Austria. We had a tour of where they filmed the Sound of Music, and explored St. Blaise's Church: the dreamiest little steeple at the end of a small village street.

SALZBURG cover.jpg
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Our last stop of the weekend was VIenna, Austria! In the morning we had a tour of the city, and enjoyed tasty pastries from DEMEL. At night we checked out the Prater Amusement Park and took a ride on the ferris wheel to catch a dreamy nighttime view.

VIENNA cover.jpg

Checking country #3 off the list, our next weekend trip was to Croatia! We stayed in Split, right on the coast. We even made it to Bosnia and Herzegovina on one of the days! From going zip-lining in the mountains of Croatia, to visiting coastal islands like Brač, and watching a rainbow light up a sunset sky, this place was full of wonder and adventure.

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Next, we headed for the French Riviera. We stayed in Nice, and explored the nearby towns of Eze, Antibes, and Monaco. From stopping to smell the flower markets and perfumeries, to visiting the Matisse museum, and watching the sunset by the coast, this place was pure magic.

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My last weekend trip with Bus2Alps was back in Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. Our stops included day trips to Capri and Positano, complete with plenty of lemon granitas, boat tours, and Mediterranean swims.

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The last, and quite possibly my favorite, trip of my semester with Bus2alps was to Cinque Terre: an incredible stretch of colorful cities on the Italian coast. This trip was just 1 day, but we had the chance to swim, explore, and try fish cones at Manarola, Vernazza, and Monterosso!

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Thanks so much for following along on my European adventures this semester! If you are planning on studying abroad, be sure to check out Bus2alps for an array of amazing trips throughout your semester abroad. Go out, go everywhere

For more info on trips and itineraries, click this link!