Shot by  Kyle Meck

Shot by Kyle Meck

Once, a good friend told me, "The heart of a pine has more timber than mine."

These words rang true, and a wildly honest realization beat inside me. While we have each set forth upon our own way, we are all just walking each other home. I yearn to have a heart like that of a pine -- steadfast and strong, brave, branches wide open: open to change and transformation. Unafraid of the fog rolling in. Empowered by a simple rainstorm or gentle sunrise.

Over the past month, I've been gravitating towards my favorite types of forests: full of an air that is welcoming of winter, and clinging to the nostalgia of the fall. From the Pacific Coastline, to the Northern Shoreline, I've found myself most grounded in the heart of a pine forest.

In collaboration with my friends over at Cotopaxi, I'd love to share the rad story behind their new Kusa Collection. Every Kusa product is made with a unique llama fiber that is sourced from the Altiplano region of South America. This special fiber provides the perfect form of natural insulation: ideal for weekend adventures in rainy Seattle, or chilly northern Minnesota. If you’re feeling inspired by The Kusa Collection by Cotopaxi, you can also use discount code allegraroseb for 15% off full-price items.

Sending wonderful winter vibes your way, dreamers! Go outside, grab some incredible adventure buddies like Courtney Steeves & Kyle Meck, and go embrace the season.