Ran around in the desert exactly a month ago, catching the last few rays of the sun fading behind the mountains with the most incredible people. This crazy beautiful creative community never ceases to amaze me, and continues to inspire myself and others with life, breadth, and soul- to never forget to keep dreaming.

In collaboration with Airbnb and the #HappyHomesteadHouse, we brought together 6 creatives from all over the country. From Minnesota, to Texas, to the West Coast, it was as though we had all known each other for a lifetime. That's the thing about us nomads-- our souls are made of the same stardust. Over the moon for these soul sisters. 


The Desert Dreamers:

Courtney Steeves

Payton Hartsell

Jess Spohr

Kendall McLeod

Amelia Edmonson

Gabriella Cullyne Gonzalez

Shot by:  Jessica Spohr

Shot by: Jessica Spohr

Shot by:  Payton Hartsell

"Find your eternity in each moment."