Free People   Give Him The Cold Shoulder Top ,  Free People   Sophie's Printed Skort  (Navy Combo)

Free People Give Him The Cold Shoulder TopFree People Sophie's Printed Skort (Navy Combo)

I'll make this short & sweet, as was my time in the wondrous southwest. 

Life changes instantaneously. It is ever changing, ever growing, ever being. Once in a while, we know things must be done, even if we wish they didn’t have to. Not simple things, either. Sometimes things in our lives are only meant to be present for a short while. Even more so, we are often faced with a battle between our hearts and minds, for they never seem to be on the same page, now do they? But this is a choice in itself. We may choose our heart, but we must first fill it up with peace, joy, patience, and trust. For though the mind is meant to be "reasonable," who is to decide what is reasonable, when there is truth to be told (and heard)? Then again, we are met by more decisions we wish we wouldn’t have to face, and people we wish we didn’t have to let go. I then realize that there is a greater story being told on this Earth, and that maybe, with an ounce of courage on my part, someone else’s life could be changed for the better. Maybe even my own. I am constantly reminded of the words of a wise friend, 

"Don’t settle for a small dream."