Today, we went exploring!

We came across a magical place called Moorten Botanical Garden and Cacatarium (where all of my succulent dreams came true.) Tiny winding paths and alcoves of cactuses and desert greenery led us amongst the beaming western sunshine. The agave plants stood as tall as me, and the tiniest of baby succulents were displayed all around. I’ve decided that though my heart is Rocky-Mountain through and through, my soul sings a song composed of desert notes. 

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Novella Royale  Faith Caftan Red Gardener  | Lion Heart Girl Collection  Necklace

Novella Royale Faith Caftan Red Gardener | Lion Heart Girl Collection Necklace

For Love and Lemons  Gianna Crop Top  | A&F  Gwen Maxi Skirt

For Love and Lemons Gianna Crop Top | A&F Gwen Maxi Skirt

After a morning full of adventuring, we stopped for a bite at The Parker: a 70’s-esque hotel of bright orange doors, sequined + fringed pillows, hanging wicker chairs, and owl macrame wall hangings. We ate outside at Norma’s: a sunshine-colored restaurant with clementine couches and fresh fruit-smoothie appetizers. 

I would compare the layout of The Parker to something out of a fairytale book. The trails surrounding the hotel were built up as tall hedges, and paths of gravel. When exploring the grounds, you would come across a small opening in the greenery, and there, would be a quiet sitting area, a lemonade stand, or a vintage swimming pool with striped umbrellas. Also, there were pink flowers everywhere: seemingly growing from the bluest California sky. 

Sending the happiest desert vibes from Cali,