+ NOAH + 

We’ll never forget how it feels to be young.

I can quite honestly say that last night was one of the greatest nights of my 19-year long life thus far. After adventuring around the cities with my father, he took me to see the most raw + inspiring musician I have ever known.

Noah Gundersen.

Through heartbreak, bad days, & the good ones too, Noah has sung me through many late nights in the studio and early mornings in the autumn. His words speak right into my soul. There’s not many who can do that. I could write all day about how Noah’s lyrics have spoken to me in an infinite amount of ways, but I will keep it simple. I stood 3 feet away from him, watching pain, peace, and raw emotions dance across his face. It's not hard to tell that what he sings comes from the depths of his human experience, all that he has been through, and he knowingly allows himself to be completely vulnerable. He fearlessly speaks songs of poetry into the air.

Noah, I want to thank you for coming to perform for a bunch of troubled kids & old souls.

"Hold tight
Don’t leave the light on for me
Because I just might
Cut myself loose and go free"