On Leah: Raga LA  Olivia Crop Top  &  Juniper Maxi Skirt
On Alexa: FP One  Mirror Slip

On Alexa: FP One Mirror Slip

Here’s to my favorite summer makeup trend: sun kissed skin + freckles.

The season of warmth + golden light inspires me to allow my skin to breathe for a change. A time to shed the sparkly minerals I so regularly love to apply to my cheeks, and opt to go for a naturally glowing look.

Raaw in a Jar truly allows me to enhance my natural features to capture that bare skin beauty we all crave this time of year. After a day dancing in the pine forests of the north, Raaw’s Miracle Oil is perfect for gently cleansing my face from the day’s impurities. With frankincense and geranium essential oils, this natural cleanser is the most lovely way to finish up a day of adventuring.

After showering + exfoliating my skin, morning or evening, I love to use Raaw’s Detox Body Oil. It rejuvenates my skin, and makes it as smooth as a wildflower petal. My skin feels nourished all day, long into summer evenings. 

As I arise with the sun each day, Raaw’s Minted Rose Mist truly allows for a beautiful and refreshing awakening. The peppermint oil in this mist sets my mind in motion, ready for a day full of creating and exploring. 

To nourish my lips throughout the day, I apply Raaw’s Young Lips. Made with the purest ingredients of organic raw wildflower honey, olive, organic beeswax, vitamin E, and peppermint oil, my lips are always smiling with a vibrant youth. 

Also, a special thanks to Raga LA, the loveliest indie-boho brand, for the free-spirited garments used in this shoot! xx