A few weeks ago, I headed north and the pleasure of exploring Winnipeg with Travel Manitoba. Excited for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation, we decided to focus on self-care and wellness by checking out some of Winnipeg's most beautiful spa experiences. 

We started out at Thermëa, a Nordik-inspired spa focused on thermotherapy and thermal cycles of saunas and pools. Upon arriving, we headed straight for the saunas! The eucalyptus sauna was the perfect escape for the cozy winter day. After the saunas, step two is to make your rounds in the heating and cooling pools. The last step in the process is to relax with a cup of tea in one of their beautiful relaxation rooms. I slept for a wonderful, solid hour in their peaceful and quiet chalet.

We ended our treatment with the most delicious seed + sprout bread, warm savory soup, and almond milk chai tea lattes at Restö.


Next, we made our way back to our hotel, Inn at the Forks, home to the beautiful Riverstone Spa. I had the pleasure of indulging in the Riverstone Signature Indigenous Hot Stone Massage. I absolutely loved being able to learn about the Indigenous practices of massage, and how the chiefs actually had come into the spa before it opened to teach the massage therapists their traditional practices including smudging and setting intentions. The treatment included warm hot stones and dreamy essential oils.


Our final spa day was spent at TenSpa at the Fort Garry Hotel in downtown Winnipeg, where we had the most unique and beautiful treatments. At TenSpa, they specialize in Hamam treatments, which is a traditional Ottoman practice of massage through water therapy. 

At the beginning of your treatment, you will be greeted with mint tea & turkish delight: something sweet and something bitter. Next, you enter a dim sauna room, complete with twinkly star lights on the ceiling, and the sound of rushing fountains echoing peacefully in the space. The treatment transports you to a state of complete relaxation, as well as spiritual and physical purification. 


After each day spent at these incredible spas, we were in a state of tranquility, feeling completely rejuvenated, ready to explore more of beautiful Winnipeg!