'If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.


There is beauty in everything. One thing my heart has been yearning for lately, is to find that precious whimsy in each and every thing around me. So often we forget that we are all delicate creatures, vulnerable and beautiful, and that we are a work in progress. 


We are all in a blooming sort of state: growing, sprouting, blossoming. 


Having your very own space is a truly incredible thing. Wherever I go, whether that space is entirely mine, or shared with another friendly soul, I have found that I find joy in transforming the space so that it is truly magical and truly my own. My mother often tells me that I sprinkle whimsy wherever I go, and I do believe she’s right (usually, due to the traces of glitter and gold twine that cease to be ever cleaned up.) 


Yet, these are the things that make us quirky and odd and different, in the very best way.


When it comes to my space, I look for accents that add to my dream-like state of mind. When I walk into my space, I want to feel awakened by creativity and effervescence. I look for pieces that compliment my bohemian aesthetic, with touches of modern femininity. I also enjoy incorporating elements of nature in my decoration. I completely fell in love with these Driftwood Wall Hangings by HazelEyedSwan. They are beautifully handmade by reusing pieces of wood, and adorning them with dainty pieces of fabric, lace, and sprinkles of glitter. The golden hooks make these pieces useful for hanging my various trinkets and jewels. 

I have always wanted a small tapestry weaving for my room, and became completely enthralled by all of the magical weavings made by Kindling House. From the pastel color scheme of peach + periwinkle, to my favorite rich tones of terra cotta and indigo, this wall hanging became a perfect focal point for my inspiration wall. I love the element of tactile texture that it adds to my space. You can check out all of their incredible work here.

I have become more and more ever intrigued by the ideas of Moon catchers. These beautiful creations are meant to harness gentle moonlight during the night, so that we may have balance and unity with the Earth, as the Sun comes out to dance in the daylight. I appreciate Moon catchers, such as these beauties made with feathers + fringe by HazelEyedSwan, as they are unique from a typical dream-catcher. The more good vibes, the merrier! (Such as my “Good Vibes” pillow from UO)


When it comes down to it, its the little things that truly make my “secret garden” my special place. I enjoy sitting at my maple desk, and listening to my floral Crosley record player. To compliment my warm color scheme, and organic decor, I wanted to add a few geometric touches to the space. I picked up these reclaimed wood mirrors from Target, and absolutely loved the light and dancing reflections that they brought to the space. 


If you seek to reinvent your space, my advice to you is to keep in mind how you want your space to make you feel: inspired, relaxed, creative. Search for unique artisans such as HazelEyedSwan and Kindling House, who create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, that speak to the power of living in a space that allows for freedom of growth. Let love grow in your space, and cultivate goodness.


With love,




check out this 'lil vid I created of my new space!