A few weeks ago, my brother and I took a road trip from Bologna to Bolzano to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Dolomites. There's something about mountain drives that fill your heart -- I think being surrounded by such awe-inspiring nature will always move something in my soul. 

I usually find myself endlessly aware of the light -- especially when golden hour comes to roll around in the hills. I've decided that I want to spend my days endlessly chasing the sunset. So, you can find me with the wild souls whose hearts beat twice as fast when the sun breaks and sweet warm rays dance among rocky ranges. 

I'm running for the hills with the star-gazers & dream chasers, in my favorite Inkkas Tan Suede Camping Boot. These cool kicks are so comfortable + perfect for days spent adventuring, inspired by patterns from all around the world! So whether you're hiking among the trees in your backyard, exploring rocky seaside cliffs, or setting out on a spontaneous road trip, pick up some of these rad boots with my code Allegra20 to receive 20% off your order! Also, Inkkas plants 1 tree for every purchase, so let's keep the Earth glowing and growing!

@allegraroseb for Inkkas #1

"in the lavender morning -

gazing into the subtlety of the sunrays

as her gentle glow warms the morning sky,

as with us —

starry eyed and sleepless,

trying to fathom the


of a Creator 

with the ability

to move mountains in my 

s o u l,

for just a moment,

as we round the sky

sailing into the sunrise."

Inkkas by @allegraroseb #2.jpg

Happy springtime dreamers,