Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Kyle Meck, an incredible visual story-teller from Bend, Oregon. Shortly after we connected, he told me that he was about to embark on a month-long, four-thousand-mile journey around the United States. He would be living a life on the road, meeting new people every day, and photographing the coasts and cliffs of the West. His fantastic idea was to write to people, while he was on his travels. He wanted to send his friends + followers hand-written notes from himself, sharing the tidbits and in-betweens of his many daily adventures. After enlisting me to create a few collaborative designs, I wrote the words “hey” and “hello” in my sketchbook more times than I am willing to admit (or count). When a few weeks had passed, dozens of screenshots sent back and forth, and hundreds of design combinations attempted, we came up with four beautiful creations for Kyle’s letters. 

We then reached out to Artifact Uprising, to help us bring these designs to life. They were enthralled by Kyle’s wild journey, and through a collaborative process, turned these designs into physical mementos, that would later contain sketches and notes of Kyle’s stories and adventures. 

For everyone has a story that’s willing to tell, so tell on. 

Tell on, dreamers.

- A