Sun-kissed: Spring Break Beauty

So often, we see our days as dazzling objects, occupying our attention, draining our focus. We must learn to take time to care for our own souls, instead of polishing the pearls of our distractions and to-do’s. Yet, we are not empty stones.   

Remember that you too, even more so, are a precious being, filled with a glimmering soul. Your very being glistens with the effervescence of hope and joy. We must not allow our days to take us by the hand, and pull us away, telling us what is important, what must get done, what we are failing to complete.   

Instead, may we realize that a sparkle is immeasurable by time, and to let go the stresses of time, of pressure, and anxiety. May we focus on the brilliance of our being, and what we indeed do reach, in our star-seeking every-days. Be gentle with your soul.  

I’m learning the importance of taking time to rest + renew. This week, I am traveling, and cleansing my soul. I’m freeing myself from monotony, and taking on new & magical experiences. While jet-setting around this beautiful Earth, I want to make sure my skin is stays hydrated + refreshed, so I’ve been using Florapy Beauty floral therapy facial sheet masks to nourish my craving for an adventure-infused glow. Florapy beauty uses natural ingredients and aromatherapy for the ultimate mask experience. My skin is left super-soft + cleansed after each use. Florapy Beauty allows my skin to detox, reset, and renew. I’ve been in love with the scent of peppermint ever since I was little: it’s brisk, cool, + refreshing notes. The Jasmine Peppermint Detox Mask is my favorite. x

For added glow + hydration, I’ve been using Modernroots Bronzing Chaga Light Reflecting Lotion. I’m completely obsessed with this product for many reasons. First, it’s made preservative-free, locally in Minnesota, with all-natural ingredients (that you can read and pronounce.) Second, it smells incredible. I’ve used a few different bronzing lotions before, and they all seem to have an odd scent to them. This one has the aroma of summer: with notes of sweet almond + sunshine. Another reason why I love this product is that it does not turn your skin a different color. Instead, the oils in the lotion reflect the sun, to give you a natural golden glow. x

For the first few days of my break, I’ve been in Cancún, México, right on the Gulf. It’s beautifully breathtaking. I’ve never seen more turquoise water or pure white sand in my entire life. As soon as I arrived in México, I ran to the sea, and danced in the waves with my mother. She’s taught me so much about embracing creation, in all its simple yet extraordinary beauty. I absolutely love the way my hair curls with joy from the breeze of salty air. I’ve been using Love + Salt by Olivine Atlelier on my hair for beachy waves that last all throughout the day. 

When I walked into my suite in Cancún, I was completely giddy at the sight of a bathtub* 

(*a magnificent vessel of relaxation, denied to dorms & college students all across the USA)

After long days of flights + explorations, a bubble bath sounds pretty incredible. Love + Peace by Olivine Atlier is a Sparkling Pink Butter Bath that smells like magic + looks like fairy dust. After using this one time, my skin felt incredibly soft + smooth. (I didn’t even need to apply moisturizer after!)

I hope all you dreamers enjoyed reading about how I’m relaxing this spring break x

Remember that you should take many adventures this springtime, but also take time to realize that you are beautifully and wholly human, and that sometimes, it is okay to lay outside in the sunshine and do absolutely nothing. 

Peace out dreamers! x