It was autumn. The leaves were full of gold, and the air was brisk with a certain nostalgia for things I had not experienced yet, for people I had not yet met.

Social media was a lonely thing at the time. It was just a means of self-expression. But like most all things in life - anything worth having is better when it’s shared.

I distinctly remember sitting at the desk of my dorm room at Bethel University, which I had just transferred to only a few months before. I had star-lights and white pencils on my desk. I scrolled through my feed as I had so many times before, and stumbled upon a certain picture that stood out among the others. It was a lovely girl: with wild blonde sea-salted hair, balancing a pineapple on her head, standing on the beach, and wearing oversized round sunglasses and flashing the most beautiful smile. I found her profile, and knew in an instant that I needed to connect with this amazing, creative, girl.

I sent that girl a message on Instagram, and we met up at Spyhouse Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis one October day. From that first day we met, I could tell our souls were made from the same magic: we were connected in a way that I had never experienced before. This girl was different, and I knew we were going to be inseparable.

From that day forward, we spent almost every weekend together that year: having sleepovers, going on spontaneous day trips all over the state of Minnesota, eating waffles for brunch, going on glitter runs to Target, and dancing around wherever and whenever we felt like it (especially in woods of pine trees, wildflower prairies, and always always in the car).

I still am completely in awe by all the things we’ve been able to do together: from that first negative-temperature-shoot we did together in Duluth, to realizing our mutual distress over wearing pants.

Fun fact: Courtney made me my first toaster strudel.

We’ve danced around like crazy people at the Minnesota State Fair, freaked out over anything tiny (especially glittery baby tutus), and played dress up in wedding gowns. We’ve dreamed about what’s to come, and I know for sure that we’re in it together. Courtney is the sister I’ve never had and always wanted. Everyone we know says that I’m the brunette version of her, and she’s the blonde version of me.

On my 21st birthday, we were able to celebrate in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where I graduated from high school. It was that night, when we were 8,200 feet above sea level, standing side-by-side outside in the snow, watching fireworks burst into a thousand glimmering colors in the night sky. It was that day before, when we chased the sunset up the mountain to dance around in golden light for 5 minutes before the sun set behind a sea of pink clouds. It was in these days and moments, and i every second I’ve known Courtney, that I knew we will always be there for eachother.

Love you to the moon and back my moon fairy sister. XO

Shot by  Caroline Friedman  +  Sam Henry  in Vail, Colorado

Shot by Caroline Friedman + Sam Henry in Vail, Colorado

Thank you to Urban Outfitters for coming along with Courtney and I on so many of our adventures. From wandering the Northern summertime woods of Minnesota, to dancing on snowy mountain peaks in Colorado, UO has helped us be able to express our creativity and free-spirits through unique, quality garments that help bring our spontaneous ideas and dreams to life.