The road, The 1975, 11:17 mid-morning fog inundating our already starry-eyed vision.

Yellow + emerald : we wore the colors of our youth, we wore those colors with breathless youth.


This past weekend, I met up with some rad folks. We journeyed out to the falls : basking in autumn's crisp lack of reluctance, holding back not her vision nor sight.

It is an invigorating substance of which that is breathing in the creativity of those around us : those who understand the subtleties of light and darkness

( of us, and of the earth )

We breach the cracks of light that pour out of our never-ending hopes of whimsy and heartbreak (and heart-restoration, in the midst of those who try)

who TRY - -

and, so often, give us a spark of something we never thought we'd have the pleasure to catch glimpse of.

Go Out Tee  : Rad |  Flannel  : Brandy Melville

Go Out Tee : Rad | Flannel : Brandy Melville

I crossed paths with a little fairy named Hailey. 

She is totally rad.

I think we may have been sisters in other lifetimes.

Her vibrant passion for cherishing moments + adventures is one that we share. She has beautiful, starlight speckled locks and constellations dwell in her heart.

Photo Credits: Hailey Marie